Friday, March 4, 2011

You aren't done when you ship

As I said before, my RL job is a software developer. One thing I have certainly learned though my career that CCP seems to have forgotten is that you aren't done with a project when you ship it. Barring major bugs, it seems like CCP moves their developers onto new projects right after a major expansion ships, which is a terrible idea. CCP is already working with an agile development model where they deliver working chunks of code every few weeks. I would like to suggest that they devote an extra 6 weeks of work to every feature *after* they ship it. A recent example is Incursions.

They shipped incursions which were generally working and were actually fun. The problem is, at a given level the difficulty of a site varies rather widely. In a vanguard system there is one incredibly easy site, one slightly harder site and one site that takes forever. If CCP had a team still working on incursions, they could have tweaked the difficulty to make the 3 closer together.

This sort of pattern is often repeated. CCP cannot always predict what players will do with a new feature, and they need to be much more responsive right after the feature is introduced. This is separate from the work they also need to do with expanding the features long term and not just abandoning them (COSMOS, FW, etc.)

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