Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello out there. This blog is a way for me to communicate exactly why I think I would be a good CSM member, as well as address questions and comments from folks. I thought I would start out with a little bit about my own EVE history, and later on post more detail in a couple of areas.

My EVE History
I started playing EVE in 2005. After a brief (2 month) stay in empire, I moved out to 0.0 space, in Tribute as part of the Forsaken Empire alliance. I did a bunch of stuff in 0.0, mostly PvP, but some POS management and industry stuff as well. I stuck with the same corp though a corp merger and a bunch of different alliances, most of which I don't even remember anymore. After a couple of years in 0.0, I basically got bored of 0.0 life and moved back to empire to try my hand at invention, which had just come out. I fairly quickly made a bunch of ISK, but eventually got bored and ended up taking a break from EVE for a year or so.

I came back to EVE shortly after the release of Apocrypha, in 2009. I had heard about the new wormhole content, and it sounded interesting to me. I joined a medium sized (at the time) wormhole corporation named Aperture Harmonics. Fairly soon after joining AHARM, I was made the US timezone director, and did a bunch of recruiting. AHARM was, and still is, a PvP corporation. We run sleeper sites in order to pay for new toys to kill stuff with. About 6 months after joining, I was made CEO, and ran the corp for a few months. Running a wormhole corporation was a lot of fun, but it does tend to burn folks out, and I took a short break from EVE in mid 2010. I came back just before our invasion of CCRES, which was the 2nd largest wormhole corp (behind us), and have been back ever since, though no longer as CEO. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding AHARM, which I will address directly in another post.

A little bit about me
One of the useful qualities I would bring to the CSM is my professional software development experience. I have, in the past, worked at game companies, though I am currently employed outside the game industry. I have been a professional software developer for 12 years, and I think I would bring valuable real work experience when evaluating proposals.

More to come
I will be posting more in a couple of areas. Firstly, I know there are a lot of crazy theories and speculation about what happened with AHARM and Rooks and Kings. Secondly, I would like to talk a little about the API, and how my first hand experience using it to build real world tools for my corporation is important. Thirdly, I would like to talk a little about how I think CCP got a lot of stuff right with wormholes, and how I would push for that experience to be propagated to other areas.