Tuesday, March 8, 2011

0.0 Perspectives

It has been a long time since I personally have lived in 0.0 space (not counting w-space). Because of that, my personal knowledge is somewhat limited. If elected to CSM, I would be relying on you, the players, to pass on the problems you are having.

That being said, I do have some thoughts. Firstly, the current sov system is rather unfinished. Very few folks use any of the sov upgrades other than the one that generates sanctums (pirate detection array). Clearly CCP needs to look at boosting the other types to make them competitive.

Right now there is a lot of worrying about the possibility of removing/nerfing jump bridges. I think it is important to separate the two issues in play here. Firstly you have logistics. Logistics work sucks, and making it harder is just going to cause players to leave the game. At the same time, if it is too easy, you make it easy to supply large areas of space. I am not in favor of making logistics work any harder then it is currently (and would like to see improvements like POS fuel pellets to reduce the work involved).

The second issue is force projection. I think force projection is far to easy currently. Alliances are able to bounce from one side of the map to the other way too quickly and with fairly little risk. This makes attacking an alliance on multiple fronts ineffective, and emphasizes numbers over strategy. This is where I think tweaks need to be made to jump/titan bridges. I do think any changes in this area need to be compensated by changes to make actually taking space less of a boring waiting game and more of a fight. I am unsure of what exactly the changes that need to be made are, and I don't see the role of the CSM as playing junior game designer and designing these systems.

I would also like to see some changes made to local chat. Again, these changes probably need to be accompanied by a change to the directional scanner, but I like the no local effects in w-space. I think it encourages people to actually fight, as you cannot easily tell when you are outnumbered. Perhaps a short delay, the length of which is tied to the sov system?

Another major 0.0 issue is the proliferation of supercapital ships. I think pretty much everyone is in agreement that something needs to be done here. An easy first step would be to restrict fighterbombers ability to damage anything other than other capitals/supercapitals. I would love to see some dedicated anti-capital subcapital sized ships, perhaps Tech 2 versions of the Tier 2 Battlecruisers.

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