Thursday, February 21, 2013

CSM 8 - Vote For Wormholes (but not for me)

Hopefully people have seen the new dev blog, about the new voting system. I wanted to say a couple of things about the CSM 8 election.

First of all, as I have mentioned in several places, I am not running for re-election. I am not doing this because I am burnt out or feel that the CSM isn't effective, but for 2 main reasons. Firstly, I only get 3 weeks of vacation per year, and when on the CSM, all three weeks must be used to go to Iceland (2 summits plus Fanfest). Iceland is really nice, but I would like to see more of the world. Secondly, I want to play EVE again. Being on the CSM is a large time commitment, and it means that I don't spend nearly as much time playing the game as I would like. I miss my corp, and I want to get back to blowing stuff up and losing triage archons again.

Secondly, and most importantly, with the new voting system it is crucial that all wormhole residents make sure to list ALL wormhole candidates at the top of their ballots. I ask that all wormhole candidates pledge to ask their voters to do this. The reason I haven't held the wormhole primary that I was going to do is because this new voting system means we don't have to try to narrow down the field in order to make sure we are represented, as long as everyone includes all of the wormhole candidates at the top of their ballots. The following wormhole candidates are currently running, and I will keep this list up to date: (in alphabetical order)

Ayeson (JP) (Wormhole Forum) (Crossing Zebras Interview) (Blog)
Chitsa Jason (JP) (Wormhole Forum) (Crossing Zebras Interview) (Blog)
Cipreh (JP) (Wormhole Forum) (Crossing Zebras Interview) (Blog)
James Arget (JP) (Wormhole Forum) (Crossing Zebras Interview) (Blog)
Nathan Jameson (JP) (Wormhole Forum) (Crossing Zebras Interview) (Blog)

Edit: Night Beagle removed from list
(Some advice for candidates, if you don't have all the links filled in above, you need to do so ASAP)

As for the order in which you list the candidates, that is up to you. I will certainly be following the campaign closely, and I will be publishing my own list before the election. I would also like to note that I am offering paid campaign advice, which will not impact the order in which I list candidates. I have been approached by several of the wormhole candidates for my services, which I was not willing to offer until the question of a wormhole primary was settled. Since that is taken care of, I am available.

I would also like to mention that Bronya of the Down the Pipe podcast has hosted a debate among the wormhole candidates. It is well worth listening to.