Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's the economy, stupid

So I started wondering a bit about the state of the economy in EVE right now. There were some posts on FHC musing about the amount of ISK flowing into the economy right now, and since CCP Diagoras was kind enough to tweet a bunch of stats, I decided to do some math and add it all up. Here it is:

Item Source/Sink Monthly Amount
Wormhole blue books Source $10,430,000,000,000
Incursions Rewards Source $8,566,015,400,900
Mission Rewards Source $2,470,815,985,076
Misson Bonuses Source $2,346,410,541,970
Insurance Payouts Source $3,366,455,121,035
Insurance Costs Sink -$1,618,888,782,680
NPC Bounties Source $32,083,329,999,805
NPC Sell Orders Sink -$13,000,000,000,000
Transaction Taxes* Sink -$2,375,100,000,000
Broker Fees* Sink -$2,607,100,000,000
LP Store* Sink -$6,331,570,000,000
PI Construction* Sink -$627,850,000,000
Clones* Sink -$910,600,000,000
Office Rental* Sink -$488,650,000,000
War Fees* Sink -$149,350,000,000
Repair Bills* Sink -$287,100,000,000
PI NPC Taxes* Sink -$741,820,000,000
Sov Bills* Sink -$809,100,000,000
Contract Brokers Fee* Sink -$301,600,000,000
Contract Sales Tax* Sink -$324,800,000,000


Anything with a * is based on a single day for February, everything else is a full month's data from Diagoras.

Since there were 29 days in February this year, this comes out to almost exactly 1 trillion ISK per day entering the economy. Because CCP no longer publishes QENs, we don't have any recent data to compare this to, but in the last published QEN (for the 4th quarter of 2010), the rate was 0.38 trilion ISK per day, or a little over 1/3 of the current rate. Subscriber numbers were lower then, but not by much. The QEN puts the monthly NPC bounty amounts at about 24 trillion ISK, compared to 32 trillion now. This accounts for about 0.27 trillion ISK per day, or about half of the difference. The rest is accounted for by Incursions.